Second week of practice …

Though we are in our second week of practice, we’ve only had three practices due to the Labor Day holiday. Today was a long day for the team, it was a full day of Kindergarten and an evening soccer practice. I was so proud of how they did. They all were so excited and ready to practice. I think today, for the first time I really felt like a coach. With an assistant coach, I can now break the team up and focus on position and plays while others players run drills.

We have two practices before our inaugural Jamboree game. I think our next two practices will focus on tying together position knowledge, dribbling, goal kicking and goal blocking.

We have a full roster of 12 five-year old boys, and while it may seem daunting and patience testing, it really is a lot of fun. Seeing them all excited about playing, wanting to know if they did well and what is to come all make it worth the little added stress of the week. I can’t wait to see them play their first game.

Go Spartans!


Second practice…

Today we reviewed names and positions and had the opportunity to do more dribbling in a straight line as well as through some cones. We also let each player be a goalkeeper and ran each team member through some kicking exercises.

Next week will we focus a little more on each position and how they act and react in  a game setting. I have to say I am having a lot of fun. I think the kids are too as well; I just hope the parents are as happy as I am.

Our first practice

On Monday, August 27th we had our first Spartan Soccer practice.

The first thing I had the kids do was say their name and if they played soccer before. I figure we have 5 practices before our jamboree so it’s going to be important that they know each other’s name. Most of these kids will be at the same school, but not necessarily the same class.

About half our team played in pre-K soccer last year and the other haven’t play much soccer at all. Regardless if they played last year or not; this year is different. This is the year there is a designated Goalkeeper, there is also a heavier emphasis on the other general positions as well; Defender. Midfielder and Forward. So my second goal of the night was to introduce the positions and a little bit about what they did. We will do a simple review each practice so that at game time when I say ‘Konner, you’re a defender’ he will know where that position is and what he is supposed to do.

Our third goal of the night was to practice dribbling. I first asked if anyone knew how to dribble, and as expected one kid said yeah and motioned basketball dribbling so I explained how there is dribbling in soccer, but it was different — we only use our feet. I instructed them to make small inside kicks as to keep control over the ball. And I explained that if we make big kicks someone could come in and take ball from us. So each kid got practice dribbling the ball up and down the field twice.

Our fourth and final goal of the night was to practicing making a goal by kicking the ball with our shoelaces. I lined all the balls up and demonstrated how to kick by aligning the none kicking foot next to the ball so that the kicking leg didn’t have to extent so far to make the kick and then to use the laces of their shoes and not their toes.

All in all, I think our first practice was a success. I do have one parent on the team who is a JV Soccer coach and PE teacher for a middle school. I understand his want to just be a parent and not a coach, but I would be lying if I didn’t say it put a little extra pressure on this first time coach.


We have a team!

From this day forth we will be known as The Spartans. Draped in Kelly Green and White, you will find me and 11 Kindergarten boys on the soccer field during the months of September and October. All but one boy will be coming from Konner’s and my nephew Kaleb’s school. As well, a boy from their day care will also be on the team.

Now my official coaching duties begin.

“Spartans! Prepare for glory!” – King Leonidas ‘300’